Catholic Education Week 2022

St John Fisher College: Serving the community, learning for the future, empowering faith and hope.SliderOneGoFar.jpg

St John Fisher College (SJFC), Bracken Ridge, is inspired by its Patron Saint's scholarly and social work, where students are supported on their own path to success through John Fisher's pillars of goodness, knowledge, and discipline.

Assistant Principal, Wellness, Deanna Turner, said college life offers a vibrant and compassionate community that promotes respect, care, integrity, service, excellence, and inclusiveness.

“Each student is supported by different participants of our community, including their peers as part of the pastoral care program," Ms Turner said.

“The vertical pastoral care classes consist of students from all year levels, with the PC teachers staying with the same group for their time at college.

“These groups replicate family connections where senior students support those below, practicing love and care for others." 

Assistant Principal, Mission and Identity, Geraldine Swindells, said SJFC has a Sisters of Mercy foundation, nurturing service to community, social justice and outreach.

“In April 2022, St John Fisher's community was captured by the ANZAC Day liturgy, where an alumni spoke to students about how her time at SFJC laid the foundations for her to serve the country in the Australian Defence Force," Ms Swindells said.

“In the months that followed staff worked with students to coordinate a "Say It With Sunflowers" fundraiser totaling almost $1400 for Cartias Ukraine by making and selling sunflower hearts and pins, and a bake sale.  

“Our Winter donation drive with St Vincent De Paul Winter raised $720 to purchase 40 blankets for those in need, and our origami 'wall of hearts,' symbolise our solidarity, compassion and remembrance for the young victims of the recent Texas school tragedy.

“Finally, our discussion group, 'The FISH' (Faith and Inspiration, while Sharing some Hospitality), provides a forum for all students and staff to come together to discuss key questions on faith and share diverse points of view."

Principal, Catherine Galvin, said this wholistic approach to education means a student's spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth are promoted as well as their academic learning.

“Our strong academic outcomes, combined with an appreciation of social and vocational experiences, allows students to succeed and thrive in their life beyond the school gates. 

“Our curriculum is focused on preparing students for a changing world and when they graduate, they have an appreciation for the many layers that make up the real world.

“As we move though our days, we carry the legacy of St John Fisher and continue to 'go far, see more and reach further' in all that we do. 

“It is what keeps us going, so that even in the face of adversity, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, weather events, or watching crisis unfold overseas, the St John Fisher College spirit remains focused and strong.

“We continue to move forward in line with our theme for the year - Together with Hope."