Social Justice

​​Let your light shine

 The spirit of St John Fisher College is the courage to seek justice, the gift of peace and the grace to forgive. More than just words, this philosophy is represented in the way the young women of the College are encouraged to stand up, make their mark and let their light shine on issues that are important to them and the wider community.

​Many of our students independently advocate a range of causes that are important to them, and these efforts are strongly encouraged and supported by the College. The College’s Social Justice Club is very active and central to this. Each year students support a range of local and international projects, involving both fundraising and action for local and international causes. These include support for the disadvantaged and those who have suffered domestic violence, collections for St Vinnie’s Winter and Christmas Appeals, and the well-patronised Maggie's Café which together with fundraising for Mercy Works allows us to support worthy causes. Environmental awareness has also seen the establishment of Containers for Change bins for bottles and cans.   

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