Farewell Ms Galvin

​​FAREWELLMRSGALVIN2023(13of16).jpgAfter an esteemed tenure of six years as Principal of St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge,  Catherine Galvin has been celebrated at a farewell by the college community.

Joining in late 2017, Ms. Galvin's departure marks the end of an era characterised by immense growth and transformation at the college, where she positively impacted the lives of students and staff alike.

"I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Principal of St John Fisher College for the past six years; it has been an incredible journey of growth and learning, and I have particularly enjoyed fostering a strong sense of community," Ms Galvin said.

“I am proud of the achievements we have made together and the values we have instilled in our students, enabling them to flourish and shine."​

The numerous initiatives Ms Galvin introduced, such as the French Language Immersion program, the Learning Enhancement and ​Acceleration Program (LEAP), and the Girls' Write Now Literary Festival, have enriched the learning experiences of countless students within our local community.

Ms. Galvin's passion for student well-being, academic excellence and diverse learning pathways was evident in the creation of FisherONE, an online learning for Brisbane Catholic Education that continues to empower senior students with quality education.

Following Ms. Galvin's farewell, the college community also said goodbye to Father Gerry, the local priest from St Joseph's and St Anthony's Parish in Bracken Ridge.

For many years, Father Gerry has been an integral part of St John Fisher College, providing invaluable spiritual guidance and support to staff and students.

Acting Principal, Britt Gurnett, has expressed her appreciation of both Ms Gavin and Father Gerry's contribution to the college.

"We are deeply grateful for Ms. Galvin's transformative leadership and Father Gerry's spiritual guidance, both of whom have left an indelible mark on the college community," Ms Gurnett said.

“Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment have enriched the lives of countless individuals and their legacies will continue to inspire and shape the lives of all those who were fortunate enough to be touched by their presence.

“St John Fisher College remains committed to upholding the values they have instilled, fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment for all."

To honour their exceptional contributions, a special farewell assembly was held at St John Fisher College this week, bringing together staff, students, and members of the local community to express their gratitude, and bid farewell to these two outstanding individuals.​


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