Sienna Triumphs in McCormick’s Flavour Forecast Challenge

St John Fisher College continues to make its mark in the culinary world as students participate in the annual McCormick's Flavour Forecast Challenge. This prestigious competition encourages students to create three original recipes that align with future flavour trends and global innovation.

In a remarkable achievement, Sienna, a Year 10 student, secured the 2023 Joint National and Queensland state victory with her culinary creations under the banner 'Sienna's Sensations'. This morning Sienna and her teacher, Mrs Hughes, were recognised at an assembly by Aileen Lockhart President of the Home Economics Institute of Australia.

Sienna's dishes not only adhered to the challenge's design brief but also demonstrated a unique point of difference and meticulous attention to design elements. In a year marked by exceptionally high-calibre entries, Sienna's success stands as a testament to her dedication, passion, and the distinctive perspective she brings to her cooking.

McCormick, a global leader in flavour, operates across 170 countries and territories. The company plays a pivotal role in shaping culinary experiences worldwide. Sienna's outstanding achievement comes with a set of impressive prizes, including a $1,000 voucher to Chefs Hat, a $1,000 gift card from Tupperware, and $500 worth of McCormick herbs and spices for St John Fisher College. Additionally, Sienna herself receives a $500 gift voucher.

St John Fisher College's support of the McCormick's Flavour Forecast Challenge over the last 11 years was also recognised with a Continued Contribution Award.

Sienna's Winning Dishes:

1. Full-Flavored Fats:

   - Zesty Sweet Butter and Date Loaf

   - Minty Fresh Butter

   - Mediterranean Cultured Butter

   - Ancient Chickpea Crackers

   - Date Loaf

2. Everyday French:

   - Glazed Miso Eggplant

3. Beyond Heat:

   - Spiced Pumpkin Ravioli

We look forward to witnessing more innovative culinary endeavors from the students of St John Fisher in the years to come.

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