Student Spirituality & Wellbeing


​At St John Fisher College, we understand the importance of student spirituality and wellbeing. Our Pastoral Care program promotes the John Fisher Way and is designed to nurture and support each individual student, through a network of dedicated teachers, House Deans, Curriculum Leaders, Guidance Counsellors, and the College Leadership Team. This support structure works in collaboration with parents to ensure that each student feels connected, protected, and respected, as they navigate their academic journey. At St John Fisher College we are also fortunate to have a trained therapy dog, Wilbur, who assists our Guidance Counsellors with supporting students.

Pastoral Care classes are composed of students from all year levels and they journey with this group throughout their time at the College. This family-like structure promotes a sense of community and provides Senior students with leadership opportunities as they help to orient and support their younger peers, fostering a culture of caring for others. Special attention is given to Year 7 students to support their transition from primary to secondary school.

Student spirituality and faith formation is developed through pastoral care groups, reflection days, retreats and camps tailored to each year level. These experiences provide opportunities for students to reflect on their personal growth and make positive choices in life, both at the College and outside the learning environment. 

As a College with a Mercy charism, St John Fisher College draws inspiration from the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley who recognised the needs of those who were marginalised in society, and with qualities of compassion, and a strong sense of giving, was a strong advocate for young women.​

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