House Shields

Bridgeman House (Green)

How we got our name |
  Bridgeman House was named after the family who originally owned the land on which our school is built on today. The land was once farming land and now the once rich clay soil has grown into the green environment our school has evolved into.

Passion, Commitment and Persistence | These three words are our treasures. We are an enthusiastic group of girls who keep passion, commitment and persistence close to our hearts and protect so dearly. All the activities that we are involved in reflect our determination to participate and enjoy our time here at St John Fisher College. Our commitment is to our College’s motto Goodness, Knowledge and Discipline.

Dragon | In the beginning, the dragon was associated to the God of Water and the God of Sun. It had both destructive and benevolent powers. It was believed that it lived in the deep of the sea where it guarded treasures. The dragon is a symbol that Bridgeman girls can relate to as it symbolises our strength, our caring nature and our ability to guard our treasures of passion, commitment and persistence.

Cross and Purple Cloth | These symbols are a reflection of our Catholic belief.

Leaves and Vines | The leaves and vines are a reflection of the school’s pleasant environment of lawns and trees. They reflect our caring nature and our commitment to be stewards of our earth.

Shield designed by |  Christine Hoffman, Year 11 and Isabele Pasay, Year 10

McAuley House (Yellow)

How we got our name |
McAuley House was named after Catherine McAuley who founded the House of Mercy on Baggot Street, Dublin in 1827. Her desire was to provide shelter for homeless women, educate poor children and visit the sick poor in their homes and in hospitals.

Courage, Bravery, Success | These three words are for all McAuley House members to aspire to as courage and bravery lead to success. McAuley House’s success has been achieved through its members’ participation and enthusiasm to be involved in all aspects of College sporting, cultural, and academic life.

Lion | The lions hold most significance and symbolise the courage, bravery and success of McAuley House. The lion is represents strength and power as well as courage to participate in all events.

Knowledge | The schoolbook represents the academic pursuits of McAuley House members.

Competition | The running shoes illustrate the competitive and participative spirit of McAuley House.

Hands in Prayer | These symbols with the cross, represents the faith life and spirituality of McAuley House. We are reminded that we play an important part in the wider Catholic community that is St John Fisher College.

Shield designed by | Katherine Tattersall, Annie Ibrahim, Wilhelmina Godinet, Jessica Taylor – Year 10

Quinn House (Red)

How we got our name |
Quinn House was named after James Quinn who was the first Brisbane Archbishop. With help from Mother Mary Vincent Whitty of the order of Mercy he made rapid progress in establishing a Catholic education system. In 1877 he bought the land on which the College is now situated and it became known as Quinn’s Estate.

Fortitude, Loyalty, Truth | These three words are what the Quinn House girls strive to work towards. Quinn House girls embody the traits of fortitude and loyalty in living a truthful life.

The Phoenix | The phoenix is an admirable bird, rising from the flames. Its endurance and enthusiasm cannot be extinguished.

The Flame | The flame is a symbol of power and colour and emblazons itself within its own fire and glory, as do each member of the Quinn House

The Cross | reminds us of our Catholic ideals as a community and that God is ever present in the life of all Quinn activities. Shield designed by | Loren Slape – Year 12

Rochester House (Blue)

How we got our name |
Rochester House was named after our College patron, St John Fisher who was the Bishop of Rochester, in England. He was a renowned academic who stayed true to his Catholic beliefs.

Spirit, Strength, Unity | It is through spirit, strength and unity that Rochester House draws its success.

The Cross and Dove | The dove symbolises peace within our House and the peace we strive to maintain with the other houses as we look beyond differences and competitiveness and uphold harmony between all members of our Catholic community.

The Dolphin |  The dolphin teaches us about joy, playfulness and harmony with others. Rochester House members hold a strong sense of community and our goal to always have fun in what we do.

The Hands and Key | symbolise that Rochester House works together to create and hold the key to success. The hands, emerging from jigsaw pieces, symbolises the connectedness of all members of Rochester House. We strive to hold the meaning of a College family in our hands.

Shield designed by | Julie Nightingale, Year 9 and Tara Solomon, Year 11