Fisher One Online Education

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Copy of Fisher One Logo Stacked.pngSt John Fisher College offers senior subjects through two modes of learning:  

Onsite (at our Bracken Ridge Campus)  
Online (through our digital learning environment) 

The SJFC online learning program is designed to meet the needs of BCE students who have difficulty accessing specific subjects at their current school. Our subjects are fully facilitated learning engagements that happen in conjunction with ​​the subject choices at your current school.

When students enrol in one of the SJFC online subjects, it becomes part of their school timetable and they have specific time scheduled for the subject, just like all their other subjects.

What is online education

At St John Fisher College, online education is the focused use of digital tools to provide exceptional learning opportunities. Our teachers use the digital environment to be present in your learning location. They integrate digital resources and frequent communication to deliver a learning experience that rivals being present in the classroom. The major difference is that the online student has flexibility around when some of the learning takes place. 

We call our online learning environment – Fisher​One.​

Our teachers manage content in their digital classroom, set assessments and learning tasks that are similar to normal class expectations, and they create specific times to connect with students as individuals and as a class. Online students have regular connection with their teacher, with other students, and will be guided through their senior subject assessments. Classes include group video lessons, regular individual student follow-ups, and constant connection to the class through the inbuilt chat and conferencing features of the digital learning environment.

All FisherOne subjects are compliant with the QCAA standards and expectations, the teachers are engaged and accessible, and the learning experience is facilitated and rigorous.

Online education in 2022 is available to Year 11 students currently enrolled in a BCE school. The intention is to expand the program in 2023 to cater for Year 12 students and also for students not currently in BCE schools.​

​Why choose FisherOne Online Education?

St John Fisher College offers a selection of QCAA senior subjects as online courses that support students to enrol in the subjects of their choice. There are several major advantages of studying online with FisherOne.

FisherOne means more subjects choices. Choosing to study online opens the option of choosing a subject that is not offered at your child’s current school. Being able to look beyond the subjects offered at your current school means greater choice and, potentially, a senior subject profile that more closely matches your child's interests and post-school aspirations.

FisherOne means greater subject availability. Studying online is one way to remove timetabling conflicts. With online learning, students can select to study a subject that might not be available because it is offered in conflict with another of their subjects.

FisherOne means flexibility and focus. Some students do better when they control the time and attention they give to their subject. Online learning melds a teacher facilitated learning paths with the flexibility of student time management.

FisherOne means education in a Catholic context. As an extension of St John Fisher College, FisherOne represents quality and choice in a Catholic learning environment. Our commitment to your success rests on the skills and experience of our quality teachers who provide exceptional learning opportunities, and their ethos is based on the spiritual development and personal wellbeing of each child.

Learning Online

Online education is a fantastic option for many students. 

Is it right for your child? Online learning takes self-motivation, persistence, and the willingness to be open in communication with your teacher and ask for help and direction when needed. It is for those who are genuinely interested in the chosen subject and are committed to be successful. 

To help you and your child decide about online learning, we have created a self-assessment that highlights the skills and attitudes of successful learners in ​online environment. The self-assessment is the first part of our enrolment package.​

​Download Flyer here: 

​Enrolment Information

FisherOne is co-educational an​​​d we are focused on senior subjects. Students may choose to enroll in subjects for Year 11 (Unit 1 and Unit 2) from 2022 or Year 12 (Unit 3 and Unit 4) from 2023. 

Enrolment in a FisherOne subject is a learning agreement. We know that online education needs special support and understanding and that is why we ask for specific learning agreement to be completed. We are in this together.

We are excited to have you join us! Complete the self-assessment and learning agreement and talk with your current school about the advantage of enrolling in St John Fisher online education. 

Enrolments cutoff date: October 22, 2021

Enrolment: Step by Step

The FisherOne enrolment form sets out the information needed for enrolment in one of our subjects. It is very important to talk through the enrolment process with teachers and advisors from your schools. They can help.

As an overview, the sections of the enrolment form are: 

  • Student and guardian information (completed by the student/guardian)

  • School and Supervisor information (completed by the school)

  • Subject choice (completed by the student/guardian)

  • Online Learning Self-Assessment (completed and signed by the student, signed by the school supervisor)

  • Base School Agreement (signed by the principal)

  • Student Learning Agreement (signed by student, guardian, principal)

  • Email completed application to

Once these documents reach FisherOne, we will process the application and reply as soon as possible to confirm application status. 


Personal Equipment

  • Laptop or learning device (with camera)

  • Internet access (reliable, fast)

  • Headphones and microphone (good quality)

  • Subject specific resources (text, calculator, etc)

Technology and Learning Systems

  • Microsoft Office 365 (all BCE students can download and install)

  • All devices must have the latest operating system updates and security patches. Antivirus software is also required.

​Account Management

​FisherOne teachers will only communicate with students, parents, and supervisors via officially recognized systems including email and the MS suite of applications (e.g. Teams). Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) students will use their official BCE email ID for FisherOne. ​


St John Fisher College is one of the premier secondary schools in the Brisbane Catholic Education system. Our staff are experienced and passionate. Our online teachers are curriculum experts and school leaders and, in most cases, also teaching the same subject in face-to-face classrooms. They know the challenges of senior schooling and of their curriculum, and they are dedicated in their pursuit of the best outcomes for their students.

All FisherOne teachers are employees of BCE and receive specific training and guidance to maintain their expertise in curriculum knowledge and online learning.

Statement of Faith

St John Fisher College is a Catholic high school in Bracken Ridge, Brisbane. As a member of Brisbane Catholic Education, we support the spiritual growth of our students and the values of love, justice, peace, and forgiveness are taught by example and experience.