"You are a Fisher girl"

​Written and delivered by Mrs Jo Winlaw (Senior School Pastoral Leader) to the graduating class of 2019


​"You are a Fisher girl​​

​You called an entire community ‘sister’,

You listened carefully and were present in the moment,

Whether with your friends or as a learner in the classroom.

​You are a Fisher girl

You questioned with the courage to be curious,

You dared to speak up and out,

Boldly giving a voice to those that are silenced.

You are a Fisher girl

You offered compassion before judgement,

You saw the possibilities in the world and its people,

You radiated a contagious joy and declared ‘How can I serve?’

You are a Fisher girl

You respected those who have built the road upon which you’ve walked,

You upheld the treasured wisdom of our shared and sacred stories,

You have reverently yet audaciously forged your own path.

You are a Fisher girl

Who dauntlessly wore a white hat,

Who stood for all but in the way of none,

Shining God’s light past the borders of her present

into the future.

We are Fisher girls

We honour the path you have walked

We cherish the memories of our Sisterhood

Clasping tenderly to the echoes of your presence within our hearts."