One In Four

​​​oneinfour_girls.jpgDuring the month of May, St John Fisher College collected over 1600 books from the College community, to donate to an organisation called One in Four Children. One in Four Children aims to supply one million books over the next five years to build a collection that will service newly built schools in South Sudan.

 One in Four, Founder Stephen Kumal says; “With St John Fisher's contribution and global citizenship we are laying the foundation of tomorrows dreams today and to that we express our unending gratitude"  

The organisation says it is currently 10, 000 books short of their 30, 000 book target for their next shipment.  The 30+ years of civil war has been incredibly devastating for South Sudan's students and as a result, one in three children are illiterate. 

In the Nuba Mountains, an area the size of Queensland, more than 100 schools were flattened by targeted bombing campaigns in 2015. Many classrooms are under trees and in dilapidated classrooms. 

90% of the current 265 schools lack basic school materials and students have no access to books. 

In response to this, One in Four Children launched a campaign in January, working to donate one million books to set up three public libraries in the next five years.

St John Fisher College asked its community to go through their own personal collection and donate books they no longer need to the library. College librarian, Kylie O’Brien said she was overwhelmed by the response and generosity of the students, staff and parents, many of whom purchased new books to support the cause.

Further information about this campaign can be found on their website