Gabbi Reeves-Diabetes Courage Ambassador


GabbiReeeves.jpgCongratulations to Year 8 student Gabrielle Reeves who recently flew to Sydney to receive the DANII Foundation Courage Ambassador Award for diabetes advocacy. Gabbi was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2017, the same year she entered high school at St John Fisher College. Since being diagnosed, she has become a passionate advocate for diabetes awareness, educating friends, family and the general community about what is means to live with Type 1 diabetes.

“I feel happy and proud to have been selected.  I was surprised that I was, as I feel that I am only doing what I should be and nothing out of the ordinary”.  

“I am hoping to work with the Foundation to fundraise and increase awareness in the community.”

“There is a lot of information about Type 2 however I have found that not many people are aware of the differences between them”, says Gabbi.

Gabbi has been working with a Diabetes Innovation Management organisation called DANII Foundation to campaign for Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) to be subsidised by the Government for anyone with Diabetes, regardless of age. Currently government subsidy for CGMS stops when the person turns 21 years.

Gabbi’s Mum, who nominated her for the awards, has been impressed by her resilience, courage and strength with her diagnosis coinciding with the start of high school and the challenges that come with that.