Future Brisbane Challenge

FutureBNE.jpgTen Year 7 students represented St John Fisher College at the 2019 Future Brisbane Challenge this March at Brisbane City Hall. The girls applied their STEM skills and knowledge in a feat to design a sustainable city by 2100.  

The penultimate event was making a model and a two minute presentation on how their idea would contribute to the Sustainability of a Future Brisbane.  The students were in five groups: Change Agents, Green Heart Makers, Urban Shapers, Lifestyle Creators and the Resilience Makers. 

Here's what some of the girls had to say about the event.

“Today I learnt that the future is in our hands and it is our actions and ideas that matter.”  Ella-Marie G

“It was great to learn the difficulties that Brisbane is facing now and how we can help to change and fix them.” – Kat S


“It’s unbelievable how much damage we do without realising it. Every drop of water has an impact, some impacts larger than others.” – Ellie M

“The future is I our hands, take the lead and make the world green again.” -Ella-Marie G

“Learning how to build and work as a team was really enjoyable.” – Ella K

“The thing I learnt was how and why it’s important to recycle.” – Indi VG

“Our trip to the Brisbane City Hall for the BNE Challenge taught us how to make our lifestyle more sustainable and inspired us to be a better person and make our Brisbane a better place.” – Grace K

“Science is a world of fun.” – Amelia L

“I liked working together because we got to learn more about each other. I also enjoyed the steps to the activity especially the building.” – Daisha D

“I really enjoyed being a part of a team and working together with everyone and making our design.” – Saiheba A

​Well done girls in your challenge to make our city, the cleanest, greenest, most sustainable city in Australia.