Fostering creativity through learning

​​​​​St John Fisher College is a community that celebrates ‘out of the box’ thinking, with the intention of encouraging creativity, innovation and those light bulb moments, that make teachers’ hearts sing. Not only does the College offer a wide range of cocurricular activities that provide the opportunity for students to express their creativity, it also embraces creative learning in the classroom. This innovative and creative approach to learning is the result of forward thinking teachers who take standard curriculum and transform lessons, making them relatable, interesting and fun. Teachers of STEM subjects that are traditionally deemed non-creative, constantly look for new ways to encourage alternative approaches to problem solving, by developing practical and innovative approaches to learning.

Exclusive to the College are the annual St John Fisher Day celebrations, where students are encouraged to express their ‘House’ motto and identity through performance. This year, McAuley House created a haunted house to explain their motto of courage and bravery, with Bridgeman House using the theme of pirates to communicate a message of persistence.

Embracing cultural diversity and individuality is another way the College’s creative spirts are displayed with a range of performance groups, such as the Polynesian and African dance groups which entertain at various school and community events, with student-led choreography and costume design.

The cultural highlight of the annual calendar is Illuminaré, an Arts evening showcasing the array of College talent through performances of art, dance, design and music. ‘Shake N Stir's Shakespeare Festival’ (with categories of dance, acting, photography, costume design, film, music), ‘Dance Squad’, ‘Sister Act’, ‘Write a Book in a Day’, ‘Scribblers’ (creative writing group) and ‘Studio 27’ (lunch time art club) are some of the many activities where students are offered a creative outlet in which to foster and share their talents.