Celebrating our Patron Saint in 2020

St John Fisher Day 2020, like most events this year, was celebrated in a somewhat unique fashion, with pre-recorded activities and social distancing coming into play. Nonetheless, we celebrated our patron saint, paying hommage to who he was as a man and what that represents for our College.

John Fisher was a man of his time – a time very different from ours. He faced different challenges from our challenges. However, we are similarly called to do the right thing in our lives today and into the future.

He was a scholar and an intellect, a caring and compassionate bishop who had a real love of the poor and the marginalised. A leader in his community, he was not born a Saint – that happened after his death when his acts of integrity were publicly acknowledged.

He stood up for what he believed in at terrible cost and was a man of strong personal faith.

So, St John Fisher Day celebrates who we are as a community now, and it also points to the kind of community we wish to be – one of welcome and inclusion, where we develop people of hope.  Many thanks to all the staff and girls who worked so hard to make the day a success and to Father Gerry for his blessings and insight.