A career is more than the course or work type you move into after you leave Year 12. A career is the sum total of paid and unpaid work, learning and life experiences you undertake throughout life.

Within this life journey, decisions about which occupation pathway to follow make the journey more enjoyable. The idea is to be driven enough to move towards your goal, while being flexible in how you change your pathway or shift your thinking to do so. The more information you have about yourself and your career goals the better equipped you are to make good decisions. Below are links to some very good career references which act as good starting points.


As a general rule the best way to choose subjects is to choose those:

  • you enjoy
  • in which you have achieved good results
  • which reflect your interests and abilities
  • which help you reach your goals
  • will develop skills and abilities useful throughout your life.

The second stage of subject choice is then to check:

  • the essential prerequisites for further careers and tertiary courses
  • some subjects are not essential but highly recommenced
  • others are useful giving a general background or particular skills.

Remember, your choice of occupation is only one of the aspects to consider when choosing subjects. Don’t avoid subjects just because they are not related to your chosen occupation – keep your options open!


The St John Fisher College Careers Office is available for you and your parents to access. The latest course information and other careers resources are available for use.

Be aware the information on tertiary course changes rapidly and the most recent materials need to be used. If you have a particular occupation in mind, it is really useful to talk to someone working in the area or to gain some work experience in this field. Call into the Careers Office to get some help with organising any of this.

Most importantly, be prepared to ask for assistance – we are all very happy to help you.​​


Myfuture -

Myfuture is the on-line national career information service for Australia. It has two main sections.The Facts contains information on occupations, employment opportunities, study/training pathways, financial assistance and many other topics useful for career decision-makers. My Guide provides a process through which the user develops a personal profile and explores occupational options

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre -

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre(QTAC)publishes the QTAC Guide. It contains information on tertiary level courses in Queensland and selected interstate universities, institutes and colleges (including full-time diploma and some certificate level TAFE Queensland courses). It also outlines application procedures and selection processes for the major tertiary offer period during December and January each year. For further information about QTAC processes, contact the QTAC Information Services on tel: 3368 1166.

The Job Guide provides and in-depth look at a range of occupation and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best based on your interests and abilities.