The philosophy of education at St John Fisher College aligns with the two major goals for schooling in Australia as detailed by the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. These are that the Australian education system promotes excellence and equity, and that all young Australians become:

  • confident and creative individuals 
  • successful lifelong learners 
  • active and informed members of the community. 
The College embraces "Goodness, Knowledge, Discipline” as a central ethos. We promote respect for truth, the courage to seek justice, the gift of peace and the grace to forgive. We promote equity and excellence and ensure opportunities for all individuals to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. This philosophy has been expanded to include the mantra of “Go Far, See More, Reach Further”. It focuses on excellence and is a vision which has a learner-centred focus. With a breadth and depth of program offerings, this mantra is aligned with our commitment to excellent student outcomes. 


The St John Fisher community is inspired by God's spirit and the Catholic faith tradition to live, to love and to learn with respect for truth, the courage to seek justice, the gift of peace and the grace to forgive as we respond with equal dynamism to society's challenges today and tomorrow. We are a Brisbane Catholic girls' college for Years 7-12 providing a contemporary and holistic Mercy education in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, that prepares young women for the world that awaits them. 

We provide an accessible education for girls from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, equipping them to be active citizens. Our students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience, as well as caring for others, the community and the environment. Young SJFC women have a love for life, belief in themselves and confidence in their abilities. 
Inspired by the practical example of Catherine McAuley, our lives are centred in God. We strive to be living proof of social consciousness. We are altruistic, focused on recognising the needs of others and addressing them. We challenge our students to walk in the footsteps of Jesus by giving back to the community and continuing to live Mercy values all their lives. ​


To love and to learn 

The holistic approach to education at St John Fisher College means that your daughter's spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth are promoted as well as her academic learning.  Because our Pastoral Care program is integrated throughout the school system, the Gospel values of love, justice, peace and forgiveness are taught by example and experience.  Sharing the support of a Pastoral Care teacher with a group of students across all year levels offers your daughter a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. 

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures each student can flourish in an environment that is dedicated to the development of the whole person.

Through an innovative approach to the traditional curriculum we provide a thorough foundation in the fundamentals while assisting all students to make connections across subject areas.

Subjects from Year 7 to 12 are diverse, stimulating and rigorous. It builds upon the achievements of students as they move through the College, widening their choices dramatically.

Senior students are able to choose from a comprehensive list of Authority subjects and Authority Registered subjects, combining these with VET programs should they choose.

St John Fisher College sets a high standard across all subject fields, we deliver the key learning areas (KLAs) plus a variety of additional subjects that are available for all students. Teachers are committed and focused specialists in their field and are trained to deliver the best possible learning outcomes.​