Fisher Innovate Research Enterprise

​FIRE Project 

The Fisher Innovate Research Enterprise is a new semester long for Year 9s at St John Fisher College. FIRE has been introduce to ensure our students are prepared and equipped with the skills and capabilities required to successfully navigate their futures in an increasingly complex world. The semester is spent developing a project which addresses following elements:

  • Collaboration and team work

  • Responding to a social problem,

  • Grounded in research and

  • Requires the use of technology

The project is based on the University of Melbourne’s 21st Century skills, basic design procedures and cooperative learning structures. Students form teams and negotiate a project with teachers that meet the above criteria. Specific skills of collaboration, communication, problem solving, resolving conflict etc are taught to start the project. Some work on personality types and learning styles is also used to assist with group selection to avoid grouping with friends only.​

Today we live in a technology and media-suffused environment with access to an abundance of information, and contiually changing technology. To be effective in the wider world, young Australians must develop skills that enable them to create, evaulate and effecticely utilise information, media and technology. FIRE gives students the opportunity to think criticially and creatively, whilst collaborating with other students, with the aim of developing thinking and learning skills.