Pastoral Care & Student Wellbieng

The holistic approach to education at St John Fisher College means that each student’s spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth are promoted along with her academic learning. The Pastoral Care program is integrated throughout the school program and we endeavour to teach the gospel values of love, justice, peace and forgiveness by example and experience.
Each Pastoral Care teacher has responsibility for nurturing a small group of students comprising girls from Yr 7-12. 

The pastoral care responsibility of Pastoral Care Teachers is supported and made complete by a network which incorporates House Deans, Curriculum Leaders, Guidance Counsellor, Support Teacher–Inclusive Education and the College Leadership Team who work together with parents to provide an infrastructure which aims to support each student in our community.

Our Vertical pastoral care classes consist of students from all year levels at the College, with the PC teachers staying with that group for their time at the College. It is in these family groups where senior students help to orient and support younger ones to ensure that all students appreciate and practice the importance of caring for others. Special care is given to Year 7 students in helping them to make the transition from primary to a large secondary school.

Student leadership structures which exist at Pastoral Care Home Group, year level and senior level, contribute to the sense of belonging to, and active participation in, the total School community.

Every year level has its own Reflection Day where students are able to take stock of where they are at. This day has its own theme for each particular year level and treats the issues that are of interest to that year level. 

Year Seven students attend an orientation camp, Year Nine students a Wilderness Camp, Year Eleven a Leadership Camp and Year Twelve students a retreat.

Pastoral Care is a very important component of our school.  Pastoral Care is intangible. It is experienced each time members of our community interact.  Pastoral Care is about community.  It is about the growth in each person to realise their giftedness. Together we are all working to assist “our girls” make positive choices in life. ​