College Badge & Motto

Shield and Cross |  In the days of crusades and knights in shining armour, the shield with a cross on it signified a soldier fighting for Christianity.  Today, this symbol represents a willingness to stand up for Christian values in our lives.

Dove |  God’s Spirit living in, guiding, and giving life to the community has traditionally been represented by the Dove.  The Spirit moves us all towards fulfilment of the gifts God has given us.

Dolphin |  The fish has always been regarded as a Christian symbol because of the similarity between the Greek words for Christ and Fish. The dolphin is respected as being intelligent, friendly and strong.  When we use this symbol, we are reminded of our call to use these gifts as followers of Christ.

Hands |  The hands symbolise the presence of God in our lives as a loving parent holding us in protective loving care.

College Motto | Teach me Goodness, Knowledge, Discipline | This motto calls us to strive to choose good, to continue learning about ourselves, others, the world, our God, and  to take responsibility for our own life choices and to have courage and strength in making those choices